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Twinkle twinkle little star stud earrings in silver

Twinkle twinkle little star stud earrings in silver

For many centuries people, have gazed at the night sky in wonder and hope. The have seen clear nights full of shootings stars and bright sparking moons. Mairead has created this twinkle twinkle little star to capture the wonder and hope she felt as a child.

Our twinkle twinkle little will remind you to follow your dreams.

Each piece is cast in sterling silver and is hand polished in Ireland. Before you receive it, it is hallmarked in the Assay office in Dublin Castle, Ireland. All deBlaca Jewellery has our makers mark of MDB, which has been allocated and registered by the assay office in Dublin, Ireland.  Your deBlaca jewellery comes gift wrapped in a deBlaca designed box and bag.

Size and Materials

  • Made in Ireland
  • Each star stud earrings is 1.25 cm (.5 inch) wide and long.
  • The earring posts and backs are sterling silver

As a child Mairead would wish upon many a star, she sketched and painted this star before it was cast in sterling silver,  now you can make many wishes upon your very own star. 

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