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Care of your deBlaca Jewellery

Care of your Jewellery

Thanks for buying some of my Irish-made jewellery, I hope you will enjoy wearing it as much as I have enjoyed designing it.

I want you to enjoy and wear your deBlaca jewellery for many years to come.  In order for it to continue to look its best, my jewellery does need to be looked after. Some hair and skin products can react with the silver, causing it to tarnish and lose some of its shine. Everyday wear may speed up tarnishing especially on items like rings and bracelets which have lots of contact with the skin and external surfaces.  As many of my pieces contain a matte finish, this may tarnish quicker than highly polished surfaces. 

Treat your jewellery with care, removing bracelets and rings when doing physical work, and avoid contact with perfumes, creams, and lotions. Hot weather and perspiration can also speed up the tarnishing process. Jewellery should always be taken off before the pool, shower, or sea.  I would also recommend storing your jewellery in acid free tissue in a jewellery box when you are not wearing it.

A Silver 'Dip' solution is a great way to clean silver pieces, although always make sure the jewellery is then rinsed thoroughly afterwards.  A simple way to clean jewellery is with warm soapy water and a really soft toothbrush. Then rinse well and pat dry with a soft cloth.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me at

Repairs Service

Each item of our jewellery is handmade and therefore may contain slight imperfections and/or have slight differences. This by no means affects the quality of the silver/gold, or the quality of the product. In the unlikely event that an item is damaged in transit please report this to us immediately. Damaged goods must be reported within 3 working days of receipt of goods.

In the event of an item being reported within 3 days we will cover the cost of the return postage and will repair /replace the item.

In the event of an item being broken or damaged by yourself, you may contact us and we will offer a repair service at a charge.

Returns Policy

Purchases made via the Internet cannot be returned to one of our stockists. Items should be packaged back in the parcel as received, including all relevant paperwork and sent back to our studio, please email com for the return address

** Please Note: All returns must be sent by registered post as we cannot accept responsibility for parcels lost in transit. For all returns except where the item is faulty, you will be required to arrange and pay for the return of items to us.

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