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Forget me not gift set in silver
Forget me not gift set in silver

Forget me not gift set in silver

I love forget-me-nots which must be the prettiest weed ever.  

I remember the beautiful pale blue flowers from my childhood in Cork when they bloomed from April through to September. My Aunt would tell me that during medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking beside a river.  He picked a posy of flowers for her but as he leant over to collect more, his heavy armour caused him to unbalance and he fell into the river where he started to drown.  As she looked on in horror, he threw her the posy of flowers and shouted out 'Forget-me-not'.  

I loved that story and didn't realise how sad it was until much later!

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  • Sizes: 18 inch
  • Flower Diameter: 25mm

Would you like your necklace longer or shorter?  We would love to make it especially for you. Simply send us a message and we will make a bespoke necklace for you with no extra charge.


  • Pendant €84 + earrings €69 = €153
  • Save over 20% with this gift set  €120