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Cover me in daisies brooch in silver

Cover me in daisies brooch in silver

Perhaps this little flower is the best-known of all our native plants. It adorns our lawns and short grassland from March through to October.  The Daisy is either a happy sight in early spring or, if you like a perfect lawn, it is something to be contended with.  I first got to know this little flower in the garden of my childhood home in Cork where my parents would do battle with it regularly on our lawn.  It always won. I loved making daisy necklaces when I was a child and now they are made from silver and gold.

The large brooch is the signature piece of the collection. This silver brooch is hand made in Dublin, Ireland and is hallmarked by the assay office in the heart of Dublin Castle.  

  • Flower Diameter: 1.5 inch