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We love packaging here in deBlaca

I lived in Washington DC for over 6 years in the last century and come to think of it in the last millilumen.  Before I got my own apartment, I shared with Kathy Moser, a work colleague and friend.  Kathy adored packaging, the multi-coloured ribbons, the noise of the tissue paper and of course the final perfect wrapped gift.  In our tiny apartment in Dupont Circle she even had an arts and craft table where she would dedicate her time to wrapping that perfect gift.  



To her the gift was important but the packaging is how you show that you really care.  She was right it is all about the packaging and from her influence i am equally obsessed with the perfect box, the perfect ribbon and the noise of the tissue page.  I love the joy and excitement of opening up a perfect box by untying the ribbon and seeing the fabulous gift inside.


Our Jewellery is placed in a crisp branded box and tied with a light blue ribbon.  Each box is then placed into a blue deBlaca box tied with a crisp white bow.

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