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W B Yeats and Flowers and Grass and Cloudless Sky.

13th June 1865 is the birthday of William Butler Yeats,  Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet.  This year Ireland celebrates the 150th anniversary of his birth and a number of cultural events can be found on

Although born in Dublin, his poetry and literature drew on the folklore and landscape of Sligo where his mother came from.   The various places featured in his poetry can be found in County Sligo on The Wild Atlantic Way.    His grave, a popular visitor attraction,  is located in his chosen place "Under bare Ben Bulben's head, in Drumcliff churchyard".  

I was delighted to find some lines on flowers and grass and cloudless sky in his famous poem "Under Benbulben"

     "Gardens where a soul’s at ease;
     Where everything that meets the eye,
     Flowers and grass and cloudless sky,
     Resemble forms that are or seem
     When sleepers wake and yet still dream.
     And when it’s vanished still declare,
     With only bed and bedstead there,
     That heavens had opened."

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