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The Story of Bracelets: 8 interesting facts

deblaca braclet
  • The word bracelet comes from Greek word “brachile” meaning “of the arm”
  • The word ‘bracels’ described armbands made of leather and decorated with gold, silver and gemstones and worn by Greek soldiers
  • Women began to wear smaller versions and called them Bracel-ets.
  • The earliest known bracelets were worn by the Sumerians of Southern Mesopotamia in 2500 B
  • Wearing bangles (non-flexible bracelets) is considered a must for married women in India and are an important part of an Indian bride's jewellery.
  • A pair of Wedding Bracelets was, in Victorian times, sometimes given by a husband-to-be to a bride. She wore one while engaged and the other on her wedding day.
  • Several gold bracelets dating c 900-700 BC can be seen at the Bronze Age Collection at the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin.
  • Bracelets at are designed and handmade in Ireland

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