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The Story of Bracelets: 8 interesting facts

deblaca bracletWe love our arm jewelllery here in the studio and we love to hear how you wear your deblaca Bracelets.  So, What is the history behind our most loved jewellery style!?
  1. The word bracelet comes from Greek word “brachile” meaning “of the arm”
  2. The word ‘bracels’ described armbands made of leather and decorated with gold, silver and gemstones and worn by Greek soldiers
  3. Women began to wear smaller versions and called them Bracel-ets.
  4. The earliest known bracelets were worn by the Sumerians of Southern Mesopotamia in 2500 B
  5. Wearing bangles (non-flexible bracelets) is considered a must for married women in India and are an important part of an Indian bride's jewellery.
  6. A pair of Wedding Bracelets was, in Victorian times, sometimes given by a husband-to-be to a bride. She wore one while engaged and the other on her wedding day.
  7. Several gold bracelets dating c 900-700 BC can be seen at the Bronze Age Collection at the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin.
  8. Bracelets at are designed and handmade in Ireland

deblaca bangles

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