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St Patrick's Day

deblaca shamrock pin gold

It wasn't until i was at collage that I learnt that St. Patrick, our national saint, was not born in Ireland. Some claim he was born in Wales.  Others say Scotland or Brittany.  But we do know that he was an immigrant to Ireland, who, it is believed, came here as a slave. 


Seamóg or Seamair Óg in Irish means young clover.   It is believed that St Patrick used this plant with three leaves on one stem to explain the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) when preaching Christianity.

The Shamrock has become an emblem most frequently associated with Ireland and fresh shamrock is worn in the lapel on St Patrick's Day.   Where fresh shamrock is not available a Shamrock emblem is worn.    

The Shamrock is also associated with Good Luck and that is why at deBlaca we have named this collection "Lucky Shamrock"

So as we celebrate our National Holiday I wish you 

Ádh na nÉireannach ar Lá Fhéile Pádraig
(The Luck of the Irish on St Patrick's Day).
And, by the way, if you're going to be informal remember its Paddy NOT Patty !

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