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Mairead's Guide to Valentine's day

Valentines Day, one of our favorite days here in the studio. We are in love with love.  Here are some of our most popular and fitting gift pieces:

You have my heart ring:

you have my heart gold ring

Whether these 'You have my heart' open heart ring reminds you of someone you love or if you are waiting for the perfect someone is up to you. This perfect imperfect heart ring is to remind you that true love is never perfect but always real.  Each imperfect heart ring is finished with a kiss.  You have my heart is inspired by a series of paintings that Mairead created for as wedding presents. She painted an irregular shaped heart on a white background, using lashings of paint making the heart very 3D.  
The imperfect heart always reminds me that love is never perfect but real. Each piece is cast in sterling silver and is hand polished in Ireland. 
Available here in gold and silver. 

Say it with flowers with our

Forget me nots

I love forget-me-nots which must be the prettiest weed ever.  I remember the beautiful pale blue flowers from my childhood in Cork when they bloomed from April through to September. My Aunt would tell me that during medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking beside a river.  He picked a posy of flowers for her but as he lent over to collect more, his heavy armor caused him to unbalance and he fell into the river where he started to drown.  As she looked on in horror, he threw her the posy of flowers and shouted out 'Forget-me-not'.  

I loved that story and didn't realize how sad it was until much later!



deblaca jewellery


Have your necklace your way. It wasn't until Mairead started to plan her wedding that she realized she wanted to give personalized bridesmaids gifts. So, her personalize collection was born. She started with a delicate blank disc which you can add any initial you want, yours, your loved one or a paw print to keep your fur baby close to your heart. 


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