Mairead deBlaca celebrates her 10th year with Vodafone Ireland

This December Mairead deBlaca celebrates her 10th year with Vodafone Ireland. In that time she has worked in Billing Development, both Networks and IT Operations and is currently working on the Equinox programme. I caught up with Mairead over a peppermint tea to find out what she does outside of Vodafone.  

Tell me a bit about your life outside Vodafone?

My latest Art exhibition has just closed at the Mexican Embassy in Dublin.  This was a 3 part travelling exhibit of oil paintings which was initially curated by a friend of mine for a Mexican cultural evening he was hosting. A travelling exhibition is what is sounds like - it moves from venue to venue.  Over the last year I have also launched a range of jewellery.

What has inspired your jewellery?

My jewellery is inspired by my art. My current collection is the flower collection which is based on a series of flower paintings I completed a few years ago. All of my jewellery is hand crafted in Dublin and is quality stamped by the assay office in Dublin Castle.

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