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Learn about Irish Hallmarks


deBlaca jewellery hallmarks every piece made in our studio, It is our guarantee that your piece is made using sterling silver and gold here in Ireland. The Assay Offices are a network all around the world for hallmarking precious jewellery. The Assay Office can tell you who made your piece, what it is made from and where your piece was made. In a hundred years the story of your deBlaca jewellery will always be there, engraved as part of it.

What is a Hallmark?

A hallmark is our guarantee that your piece is made using sterling silver or gold. Precious metals are hallmarked to let you know:

  • Who made your piece
  • What precious metal your piece is made from
  • The Assay Office at which your piece was hallmarked

The Makers Mark

Each maker is allowed three letters as their unique maker’s mark so we have shortened Mairead deBlaca to MDB

The Purity Mark

The purity mark shows the purity of the precious metal content.  The fineness is indicated by a millesimal number (parts per thousand) and the precious metal is indicated by the shape of the surround.

For sterling silver jewellery, the mark you will see on your piece is 925, which means 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 other metals. For our precious solid gold pieces, the stamp on your piece will be either ‘585’ meaning 14ct or ‘750’ meaning 18ct.


The Assay Office Mark

This symbol show which Assay Office tested and marked your precious piece. Every Assay Office around the world has its own mark. The Hibernia mark (pictured above) is the symbol of the Dublin Assay Office and shows a seated lady.

All of our precious jewellery is handmade with love in Ireland with ethical gold and conflict free diamonds. Ireland has an incredible wealth of creative talent and craftsmanship, and is known for its rich design heritage. We are incredibly proud of say that our jewellery is made in Ireland, loved everywhere.

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