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Irish poetry and flowers in May

Bluebells for Love  (Extract) (Patrick Kavanagh 1904-1967)

There will be bluebells growing under the big trees
And you will be there and I will be there in May;
For some other reason we both will have to delay
The evening in Dunshaughlin - to please
Some imagined relation,
So both of us came to walk through that plantation.

We will have other loves -or so they'll think;
The primroses or the ferns or the briars,
Or even the rusty paling wires,
Or the violets on the sunless sorrel bank.
Only as an aside the bluebells in the plantation
Will mean a thing to our dark contemplation.

We'll know love little by little, glance by glance.
Ah, the clay under these roots is so brown!
We'll steal from Heaven while God is in the town--
I caught an angel smiling in a chance
Look through the tree-trunks of the plantation
As you and I walked slowly to the station.

Patrick Kavanagh (1904-1967) was an Irish poet whose poetry was influenced by nature  and the Irish countryside.    This extract from Bluebells for Love reflects his love of flowers.   Deblaca Jewellery Flower Collection is designed and handmade in Ireland.   

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