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I am another reluctant entrepreneur!

victoria mary clake


I am another reluctant entrepreneur. There I have muttered it aloud. Let me share a little secret, before I started on this train of running your own business I didn’t really understand what being an entrepreneur involved. I know crazy! The creative side is where my interest and talent really lie. Like many other designer makers it is the business side that we find challenging. It is not that I hate the business side - just that I find it challenging and we love a challenge, right?

Push the envelope, think outside the box and what would you do if you weren't afraid, eat more carbs comes to mind, are all phrases I have heard in my 20 years of working in the corporate world.  What the corporate world doesn’t prepare you for, is that as an entrepreneur you have to do everything - at least in the beginning.  What most aspiring entrepreneurs are advised to do is start with a Local Enterprise 'Start your own business course' SYOB so near to BYOB (bring you own bottle) and then make a decision to go into business.  I recently completed mine - nearly 2 years after Launching my first collection. 

I have of course attended various networking events with guest speakers, read blogs and watched TED talks on various entrepreneurial type topics. I have learnt about keeping the books not cooking them, that branding is a very woolly subject and social media is the best way to use up 10 hours of your day! Every time I learn a new skill or understand a business concept, I see out of the corner of my eye an abyss of what I don’t know opening up.

What has become obvious to me is that people buy from people - no matter what plans I have in place, what strategies I have created, people buy from people.  So what my various mentors have told me is 'you need to tell your customers about you and your product'.  They never tell you how.  I suppose part of being an Entrepreneur is figuring it out by yourself. 

Well sometimes you have to get help!  So enter media coach Mary Victoria Clarke. Apart from hosting her own radio show, being a published author she is an excellent media coach. Her holistic approach to media training is all encompassing, including branding, life coaching and practicable tips - nothing woolly here. She challenged me to look inwards at myself, my jewellery and what I really wanted out of it.  Her guidance was sensible, practicable, honest and really helpful.

Victoria Mary Clarke is so more than her public persona - she is a gem.

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