Hallmarking precious metal: Ireland

st items of precious metal (gold, silver and platinum) Jewellery or Plate are not made from pure metal e.g. 18ct gold or 750/1000 is 75% gold and 25% other metal. It is not possible for the consumer to know if the correct % of precious metal is present in the article or not. The hallmark guarantees the precious metal content

The Dublin Assay Office is an independent third party state appointed test laboratory. It is one of the most prestigious and leading certifiers of precious metal in the world.

The Office was established in 1637 to assay and hallmark all items of gold and silver manufactured throughout the whole of Ireland. 

All jewellery at www.deblaca.ie is hallmarked at The Assay Office, Dublin Castle, Ireland.

Information on hallmarking in Ireland can be found at www.assay.ie

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