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A new exciting visitor attraction in Dublin - Epic Ireland

I like to check out visitor attractions in Dublin.  I have two reasons for doing this.  I enjoy the experience of being a tourist in the city where I live and work and I like to be up-to-date with places I can recommend to friends who visit the city.   This week I visited a new exciting visitor attraction.  Epic Ireland: The Journey Of  A People showcases the journey of the Irish nation using modern technology. The venue is in The CHQ Building a resort wine and tobacco warehouse, in the heart of the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC).  In fact Epic Ireland is housed in the vaults underneath the building where wine was once stored.  The CHQ Building on the ground floor offers a variety of places to grab a quick snack before or after you visit the vaults.  I was impressed with the modern technology, music, photography and film which lead me through the history and story of Irish emigration and  its impact on Ireland and the rest of the world.   There were moments of sadness, moments of fun, moments of inspiration and moments of pride.  Friendly helpful staff were on hand to explain issues or answer questions.   After a most enjoyable and educational self-guided tour of approximately 2 hours, I came away with an overall sense of pride in being Irish and pride that we can offer this amazing experience to visitors.   

I am also proud of being an Irish jewellery designer.  My jewellery is inspired by the Irish countryside.   You can find my collection HERE at deBlaca.

deblaca jewelllery


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