7 things about author and poet James Joyce

  • James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was born on 2 February 1882 at 41 Brighton Square, Rathgar, Dublin.
  • James Joyces' parents were John Stanislaus Joyce and Mary Jane Murray.
  • James Joyce suffered from cynophobia (fear of dogs) as a result of being attacked by a dog when he was a child.
  • He also suffered from astraphobia (fear of thunder and lightening
  • Joyce and his life partner and future wife Nora Barnacle had two children, Giorgio and Lucia.
  • James and Nora and their children lived in various European cities including, Paris, Pola, Trieste, and Zurich.
  • Joyce died at the age of 59 on 13 January 1941 in Zurich and is buried in Fluntern cemetery Zurich.

Dublin celebrates James Joyce at the James Joyce Centre  The BloomsdayFestival runs with a programme of events from 11th to 16th June 2016.

"Love loves to love love" James Joyce, Ulysses


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