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7 facts about women's role in General Elections in Ireland

  • Irish women were first entitled to vote in a General Election on 14th Dec 1918
  • The only women granted the right to vote in the General Election 1918 were those who were over 30 years of age who were also land owners.
  • Ireland's first female member of parliament Countess Constance Markiewicz was elected in 1918
  • Maire Geoghegan Quinn was elected in 1979, as the first woman to be elected since the election of Countess Markiewicz (61 years later)
  • In the 2011 General Election,  25 women were elected to Dáil Éireann making up 15% of female representation (placing Ireland 79th out of 134 countries world wide).
  • The only European countries with fewer women elected to their national parliaments are Hungary, Romania, Cyprus and Malta.
  • The introduction of a gender quota for all political parties has played a part in increasing the number of women candidates in General Election 2016 to 30% 




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