8 tips for your Debs - celebrating with the Class of 2016

deblaca debs
  • Try on dress and shoes a few times in the days before the event; make sure you can walk, sit and dance comfortably.
  • No matter how pretty the top of your dress is, have a matching wrap: you will be glad of it when walking about in the chilly night air.
  • Dont overdo the make-up - remember less is more.  And, don't overdo false tan - pale can be just as interesting.
  • Don't experiment with flash eyelashes or dramatic eye makeup for the first time -  try it out a few times beforehand.
  • Bring some rescue items in your bag (a safety-pin, sticking plaster, hair clips, tissues) to come to aid of yourself or a friend.
  • Look after your belongings - a lost or stolen bag or phone could mess up your night.  More importantly, look after yourself and lookout for your friends.  
  • If you are drinking alcohol - be careful.  Pace your drinking over the night and don't be pressurised to drink more than you should.  You want to remember the night for the right reasons.  Enjoy your night.
  • Keep your jewellery simple and beautiful.   Check out deBlaca collection for rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings - all designed and made in Ireland.

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