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Midsummer celebrated on St. John's Eve in Ireland

Bonfires were lit just after sunset in every village and at every crossroads in Ireland on St. Johns Eve 23rd June.   This was a pre-Christian custom to celebrate Midsummer's Eve which, in the old Roman Calendar, fell on 23rd June.  Like many pagan traditions, the development of Christianity attached Christian symbolism to these dates so the feast of St. John falls on 24th June, Midsummer's Day in ancient times.  Today in some parts of Ireland this tradition is still upheld, particularly in the West of Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way.    On Inis Meáin (one of the Aran Islands) a bonfire is lit on the highest point of the island, the ancient fort of Dún Chonchúir.  Bonfire night was often celebrated with music and dancing around the bonfire on the long Summer night when darkness came as late as 11 o'clock.   

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