Finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift

The custom of giving and receiving gifts on a wedding anniversary dates back to the Middle ages when silver was associated with a 25th and gold with a 50th wedding anniversary.

Over the years commercial influences have assigned specific gifts to each anniversary year up to 25th and then every fifty anniversary after that.   They include iron, sugar, wool, salt, copper, paper, and leather.  

The milestone anniversaries are the more traditional and are associated with:

1st     Paper or Linen

5th     Wood

10th   Tin

15th   Crystal

20th   China

25th   Silver

30th   Pearl

40th   Ruby

50th   Gold

60th   Diamond

Nowadays, it is more usual for people to celebrate by having a nice meal, a holiday, or a family celebration.   Gifts of flowers and jewellery have replaced the traditional items.

Deblaca Jewellery has a range of handmade jewellery in gold and silver and is popular for all wedding anniversaries.




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