7 reasons why I like living in Dublin, Ireland



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  1. We have great choices of music venues, theatre, clubs, libraries, museums and shopping

  2. Although we complain about the weather, we don't get extremes, and that's ok with me.

  3. Dubliners are friendly, fun-loving and always ready for a laugh or a joke

  4. We can easily get to the beach and the mountains

  5. It is a vibrant multi-cultural city that attracts lots of visitors all year round

  6. We have one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe - the Phoenix Park

  7. ...

Dublin Horse Show - August in Dublin

The Dublin Horse Show has been the major event of Summer in Dublin since it began in 1864.   This is where you will see some of the best show horses and best international show jumpers, but also it is a fashion and style event particularly on Ladies Day.

This year the Dublin Horse Show runs from 9-13 August, 2017.

Up until 1919 women were not allowed to ride in jump competitions.  This changed in 1919 when a novelty class for women was introduced and in 1920 women were allowed to compete fully.     The Ladies...

Stolen and Stolen Again - A painting by Johannes Vermeer

"Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid" (completed 1670-1671 by Johannes Vermeer) is one of the paintings in the current Vermeer Exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland.

The painting has an interesting recent history.   It was stolen, with other masterpieces in 1974, from Russburough House, the home of Sir Alfred Beit, by armed members of the IRA. Eight days later it was recovered from a cottage in Co. Wicklow.     

In 1986, it was stolen again by a gang led by Dublin gangster, Martin Cahill and held for a ransom of £20 million.  The money was not paid and...

Dancing at Lughnasa (Lúnasa): An ancient celtic harvest festival

Dancing at Lughnasa (Lúnasa): An ancient celtic harvest festival

The month of August is the first month of Autumn according to the ancient Celtic calendar. Lúnasa is the Irish name for the month of August.  Lá Lúnasa the first day of August was a day when people celebrated Lugh the Celtic God who would bring a good harvest or who, if not satisfied, could bring his wrath in storms that could destroy the harvest.  (Lughnasa was the more ancient spelling).  

The celebrations and rituals for the Lúnasa festival included games, storytelling, singing, dancing and feasting.   Many of the events...

One of the Best Fashion Events of the Year - Ladies Day at Galway Races

One of the Best Fashion Events of the Year - Ladies Day at Galway Races

deblaca at the races

"As I went down to Galway Town
To seek for recreation
On the seventeenth of August
Me mind being elevated
There were passengers assembled
With their tickets at the station
And me eyes began to dazzle
And they off to see the races"

The traditional Irish song recorded by Luke Kelly and The Dubliners and later by The Pogues, celebrates the famous Galway Races.

The Galway Races at Ballybrit Racecourse dates back to 17 August 1869.  The Festival is now one of the social and sporting highlights of the year.  The seven-day